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If the game is listed, it will be shown. Just wait as I have set my DVR to auto tune to the channel.
CSKA Moskov vs Bayern MunchenMain2014-09-30 16:00Z
Paris SG vs FC BarcelonaMain2014-09-30 18:25Z
Zenit vs MonacoMain2014-10-01 16:00Z
Arsenal vs GalatasarayMain2014-10-01 18:25Z
Atl├ętico Madrid vs Juventus2nd Stream2014-10-01 18:25Z
Inter Milan vs QarabagMain2014-10-02 19:00Z
Saint Etienne vs Dnipro2nd Stream2014-10-02 19:00Z
Hertha Berlin vs StuttgartMain2014-10-03 18:25Z
Getafe vs Cordoba2nd Stream2014-10-03 19:00Z
Bayern Munchen vs Hannover 962nd Stream2014-10-04 13:25Z
Liverpool vs West BromMain Stream2014-10-04 13:55Z
Aston Villa vs Man CityMain Stream2014-10-04 16:30Z
Rennais vs Lens2nd Stream2014-10-04 17:55Z
Malaga vs GranadaMain Stream2014-10-04 19:55Z
NY vs HoustonMain Stream2014-10-04 22:15Z
LA vs TorontoMain Stream2014-10-05 02:30Z
Waifu Grand PrixMain2014-10-05 05:00Z
Man Utd vs EvertonMain Stream2014-10-05 11:00Z
Chelsea vs Arsenal2nd Stream2014-10-05 12:55Z
Spuds vs SaintsMain Stream2014-10-05 13:00Z
Lyon vs LOSC Lille2nd Stream2014-10-05 14:55Z
Real Madrid vs Athletic Bilbao2nd Stream2014-10-05 18:55Z
PSG vs MonacoMain2014-10-05 18:55Z
* Update : We are having technical problems with our internet connection, leading to intermittent frame drops. We are sorry about this
* Update 2: Doing some streamup testing. Anything less than 100 frame drops in 1 hour will considered tolerable.